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Monitor your health with the SmartBand Fitty II Lewis, a training tool ideal to know your body and activity habits so you get fit in a safe and controlled way.

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Fitty II Lewis is a smart bracelet that syncs with your smartphone through the 'Day Day Band' application and lets you know the steps you take throughout the day, calories burned, time that you keep active, the hours you devote to sleep or distances you travel during a whole day. It also includes an interesting feature: the sedentary alarm, to get rid of inactivity when you take too long without doing anything.
The Fitty II Lewis SmartBand is a clear example of a wearable technology with an elegant design easily combinable with your regular wardrobe. It is made of resistant and high-quality materials, IP56 waterproof ( ) so you can practice all kind of outdoor activities while monitoring a healthy way of life.