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To take good care of yourself, today you need to be connected. Want proof? Try out all the potential of the Cult Smartband!

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This smart bracelet has a neat ergonomic and sporty design which makes it not only stylish but very comfortable to wear so that nothing prevents you from enjoying its features.

It connects to Android and iOS mobiles through Bluetooth, and thanks to its touch screen you can see what time is it, count the steps, the distances and calories burned. It also has a powerful sensor to monitor your heart rate or your sleep quality, sending all the data to your mobile so that you can view them in its specific App, including historical records.

This way you have controlled your health and your exercise at all times, helping you to set and achieve concrete goals, and in short, improve your quality of life.

With its other useful functions, such as the alarm clock function, the built-in camera or the calls and messages reminder, the Cult Smartband is the device you need to improve your day-to-day health. Even swimming, since it’s waterproof!

Your well-being is not secondary, let Cult take care of it!