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Control all your physical activity with the complete Mars BT SmartBand. Made of lightweight and resistant materials, its sporty design and a weight of just 39 grammes make it very comfortable to wear in full swing.
But the most comfortable band would be useless for you if its functions do not make it practical. And the BT Mars is designed to be not just practical, but indispensable for you.

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83,33 €

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  To begin with, it supports both Android and IOS devices; you can connect it to your phone no matter what system does it runs.
  With its Bluetooth 4.0 connection and by the veryfit2.0 app you can access lots of useful features such as:
- A full pedometer to count steps and distances walked, with a historical record of your activity that is stored in your phone so you can check your progress.
- A sleep monitor, controlling your breathing and quality of your rest.
- A remote camera function to control the mobile and take pictures from the bracelet.
- Clock function: A simple twist of the wrist and you'll know what time it is... and if it's time to go back home!
  Whether you're a constant runner as if you simply want to keep track of your activity, and do not want to worry about the battery being emptied on a sigh, with the BT Mars SmartBand you get just what you needed. Run and don't let it escape!