Smartwatch Wifi AMOLED HR Silver + Red Expand

Smartwatch Wifi AMOLED HR Silver + Red




The Wifi AMOLED HR SmartWatch it's a firm commitment to break the squared smart watches market. With a circular sphere mounted in a resistant treated aluminium alloy structure, it is a sturdy but lightweight watch, designed to last, with a great connectivity, all the features you need... and an outrageously clear display.

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333,33 €

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  It is an AMOLED 1.39-inch screen with a high definition: 400x400 pixels. And thanks to its organic diodes it consumes much less battery still producing higher brightness and sharpness. You can set different displays for the watch, which can perform even an analogue appearance capable of fooling anyone. The definition level will surprise you!

  The screen and all watch functions are powered by a mighty 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor and a 512 MB RAM. Adding a 4GBmemory, this SmartWatch is truly autonomous regarding storage and execution of photographs, video and audio.

  But the real strength of this SmartWatch is that it has integrated and adapted Android operating system, so you can use it as if it were a SmartPhone on your wrist, with all the features of a SmartPhone, and of course, with Google Play Store so you can download applications directly to your SmartWatch. If you use it with a SIM card with data rate, or you connect to a Wifi signal, you can use the watch totally independent of your phone having all its features.

   But if you want to wear it also connected to your SmartPhone, its seamless connectivity via Bluetooth 4.0 will allow you to synchronise and manage your mobile with a simple touch in the watch:

- Calls, record, calendar, SMS and notifications.

- Images, video and music.

- Remote Camera Function (for Android only)

- Chats, news, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

- Anti-loss system to locate the phone with the watch, or vice versa.

   It incorporates the basic tools in any SmartWatch, like calendar, calculator or alarm. But it will also control your heart rate with a precise heart rate monitor that keeps historical records on your mobile.

  Other functions such as sleep monitoring, or sedentary alarm, push in the same direction: the technology watching for your health. And the most active ones will have a total control of their exercise with a pedometer that registers steps and distances and also performs calorie control.

  This is one of the most complete SmartWatch you can find on the market, robust and versatile, compatible with all tastes and styles. Including yours!