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SmartWatch Hexa GPSports




The Hexa GPSports is one of the most powerful and complete SmartWatches in the market,
characterised by a high-quality manufacturing, and endless features for all kinds of situations. Also,
your notifications system is available both for Android and iOS.
With an 11.8 mm thickness and a very dynamic design thought to be comfortable and practical to
carry. It's a hard and resistant watch, made of carbon fibre, and with a surface treated to resist and
repel sweat.

Its precise touchscreen performs High Definition, allowing a perfect display both the background and
menus, images, or videos that you run. Because you can do all these things.
In fact, with the Hexa GPSports, you can do everything or almost everything. Its Bluetooth connection
will allow you to manage not only calls and notifications on your phone but all images, the videos or
your favourite songs. But its CPU and memory allow as well to store and execute these files in the
SmartWatch itself, thus providing greater autonomy of use.

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150,00 €

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Through its intuitive menu you can set the watch wallpaper and use countless functions:
-A complete set of tools including diary, calendar, calculator, alarm and compass, in addition to
temporary GPS / AGPS location whose accuracy and frequency you can configure.
-Photograph with the Watch Camera, or remotely from the smartphone camera.
-Pedometer and distances counter, sedentary alarm, configurable heart rate monitoring, and sleep
-Bluetooth Data Transfer, which allows you to sync all your Messenger services, chat and news, plus
all your social networks. Facebook and Twitter never went so handy!

It also has an anti-loss tracking system that works in both directions: using the phone to locate the
watch, or using the watch to find the mobile.

In short, the Hexa GPSport SmartWatch is such a powerful, durable and versatile device, which will
become essential from day one. Give your smartphone the companion it deserves!